• CLASSIC - Estate Potato Vodka

    CLASSIC - Estate Potato Vodka

    Crafted in small batches from our own potatoes grown on Barber’s Farm, 1857 Spirits CLASSIC Vodka is an exceptionally smooth potato vodka possessing a beautifully sweet aroma with soft notes of vanilla and pear. Naturally gluten free.


  • SIGNATURE - Estate Potato Vodka

    SIGNATURE - Estate Potato Vodka

    1857 Spirits SIGNATURE Vodka is a small batch potato vodka crafted in an “old world” style to produce its complex character and beautifully rounded mouthfeel. Best served on the rocks, this is a true sipping vodka with deep notes of caramel and vanilla.


  • SPRING - Estate Potato Vodka

    SPRING - Estate Potato Vodka

    This special edition potato vodka is sure to deliver the fresh taste of a new season. While social distancing may keep us indoors, 1857 Spirits SPRING Vodka will help you escape to a sunnier place with bold notes of cut grass, crisp mouthfeel, and a floral essence of early spring tulips.




    1857 Spirits Hand Sanitizer is formulated in strict accordance with the recommended guidelines as set by the World Health Organization. This product contains a higher percentage of ethanol than some sanitizing hand gels giving it a more liquid consistency. Can be poured or sprayed. Product contains: ethanol 80% (v/v) glycerol 1.45% (v/v) hydrogen peroxide 0.125% (v/v) purified water USP.